Corona Unveils Stackable Aluminum Cans to Replace Plastic Rings

Corona Unveils Stackable Aluminum Cans to Replace Plastic Rings

Single-use plastic is one of those things that has been coming more and more to the forefront of our minds as we contemplate the future of our planet, especially those with a track record of causing harm.  For example, the plastic six-pack ring: it is great at holding your beer cans together for the trip home from the store or to a party, but regularly entangles marine wildlife.  Despite decades of attempts at sorting out an alternative, no feasible substitute has appeared on the market.

Until now.

Corona recently revealed a possible solution to the problem that does not actually require any additional packaging.  Enter Corona Fit Packs: interlocking beer cans.  Each can comes with a specially threaded top and bottom that allows the cans to be screwed into one another, up to a maximum of ten cans in a single pillar.  It is a bit like grown-up Legos, only better.

Sure, you may not want to wander around with ten cans screwed together, because then you would end up with a rod almost four feet tall (which is a bit cumbersome unless you aim to be a beer-wielding wizard).  But you can screw together as many or as few cans as you want within reason, and that is definitely a convenience you cannot get from plastic six-pack rings.

Even better?  According to the video, Corona plans on making the innovative design “open source”, meaning that any other company that wants to give the design a try can do so.

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