Unboxing the Folding Phone: Is This the Future of Mobile Phones?

The Galaxy Fold was the first foldable phone going on sell at $1980. I’ts much higher then any other phone aiming at the luxury product market. The phone comes with a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds, equivalent with the Airbuds, a Kevlar case, and an USB C charger.

The setup is identical to any other Samsung photo. After 10 minutes of set up you are ready to go to use the phone. MKBHD notes that any cases made for the Fold will have to either be bendable or made in two parks. The Kevlar case that came with the device is a two piece solution with an adhesive to attack the case to the phone. He also notes that using the adhesive is option and the case will stay on without the adhesive at on initial use.

An item of note was the strength of the magnets that are use to hold the phone closed. MKBHD demonstrates that the magnets are strong enough to pick up metal objects, from washers, to nails, a small wrench and even a large allen key. So the Galaxy Fold has serious magnets, but what does this mean for the user? Likely not a lot, unless you keep other metal objects in your pocket this shouldn’t impact most users.

First Impressions

The phone is chunky. But it has the feel of two small Samsung phones put back to back. It doesn’t close completely flat, but it is tall and narrow, it kind of feels like a candy bar, and its heavy. Front screen is 4.6 in cover display, and when open it is a 7.3 inch OLED display, which is pretty wide.

About the crease. Yes you can see it, especially when you view it off access. And yes you can feel. Honestly though, it gets pretty close to flat and its much better that the reyo flexpie. The opening and closing movement of this phone is very satisfying. I really love that. Opening and closing the phone is very much a two handed process, I tried it one hand and it was tricky.

Sam sung did not just make a phone without a headphone jack but it doesn’t come with wireless ear buds so that is good.

There is a notch on the inside screen, it doesn’t effect pull down for notifications but it will impact full screen gaming and video.

The phone comes with 6 cameras. A 10 mega pixel selfie camera on the front, another selfie camera and depth center on the inside. Then there is the standard, telephone and the ultra wide as a bump on the exterior of the phone. You will never be short of camera options with Samsung.

The battery is huge, 4380 mAh hours so it is equipped to get work done.

The features designed for fold. Their is continuity between screens. You can open an app on the small screen and they will continue where they left off on the big screen. Currently this is limited to Samsung and google apps but this does work surprisingly well. It needs more testing but it foes work with YouTube and other apps. It also comes with multi window via a swipe in from the right side. You can have 2 apps side by side and adjust the window size. You can go further (up to 8 apps at once but I wouldn’t go past 2 since it’s a 7 inch screen but its cool that they won’t limit you up to 8 apps.

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